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Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders is an accumulation of mostly humorous true stories from Doc’s lifetime of memories. He relates about 100 of them ranging in length from three or four lines to a full chapter. Most of the funny stories came from his medical practice, but others came from different settings.

Doc felt obliged to have one chapter of serious stories so no one would think there was not a serious (and even sad) side to his lifetime work. He also included a chapter on church humor to show at least the funny side of his Christian walk.

The title is an exact quote from a patient. She was an obsessive-compulsive whose main fixation was cleanliness. Those words served as her excuse for not following doctor’s orders.


Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders




People say, “You can’t tell a book by its cover.” Doc tried to make that be untrue when he published this book. It does not have a back! Instead, it has two fronts and is actually two books placed back to back.  FIL-OSOPHY / PHOOL-OSOPHY is another good bathroom with 66 different rhymes, about half funny and half serious.


As you can see, “Philosophy” is intentionally misspelled on the cover to let you know this may be right serious stuff, but it ain’t Plato. Also, the “I” in Fil-osophy has wings and a halo to indicate .goodness, and the figure on this cover is made to look like, The Thinker. All of these clues should give you a good idea as to the nature of the underlying rhyming verse.

On the other hand, when you turn the book over and view the other book cover, you will see it has the title of


with its “OO” decked out with an imp’s horns and tail, and the figure has become The Stinker. Even a person with ADD could add that up and know these were foolish rhymes.



Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 8.49.24 PMA Simple Seller of Noodles unveils the gripping story of SamSan, an illegitimate child of a Vietnamese peasant who rose from near-infanticide in a garbage can to become a tour guide for the royal family’s tourist service and best friends with Prince Sihanouk’s nephew as well as a highly sought-after interpreter for the Cambodian military. It also gives the account of his fall from favor and ensuing imprisonment, his dramatic rescue by the Khmer Rouge only to be caught up in Pol Pot’s death march, his family fracture and sadistic serfdom under Khmer Rouge rule, and his almost impossible journey to freedom in Thailand and, later, the United States.

An almost unbelievable but true story, A Simple Seller of Noodles also contains murder, war heroism, drug smuggling, a love triangle, a lost child, and multiple near death experiences. How SamSan and his fellow refugees came to live in the small town of Winder, Georgia is also an intriguing story in itself. Nothing that compared to that group’s coming to the area had ever happened in our small town.

Over a period of twenty-five years, C.B. Skelton collected first-hand accounts from SamSan that he has compiled into the amazing true story, A Simple Seller of Noodles. SamSan’s frantic search for his lost son and his recognition of God’s hand in his many escapes from death will forever change how you view the world and those around you.

A Simple Seller of Noodles


RFAS CoverDoc’s latest book, Rhyme for All Seasons, Many Holidays and Special Occasions , is nearly ready for publication. A collection of nearly 200 of Doc’s rhyming and metered columns (poems), the book is divided into five sections (one for each season of the year and a fifth section for occasions that are not seasonal) with the poems arranged in chronological order beginning with the new year and ending with Christmas. A great reference for teachers. speakers and those who just enjoy poetry, you will be proud to have it in your library. See my website for details

This offer is for hardcover copies that will be numbered and sealed with Doc’s personal library seal. They will then be personalized to the individual you designate and signed by the author. Books will be dispensed in the order that requests are received. The desired low numbers will go quickly, so you should order right away.

The $35.00 price for these exclusive and unique books will not include GA sales tax. Add $2.00 to help with shipping/handling costs if needed. Payment may be made by check, cash, money order, or by PayPal. Your book will be delivered as soon as the publisher makes them available.

To order, call me at 678-350-5490, write to C B Skelton, 353 Rockwell Church Road, NW, e-mail to or order from Doc’s website to pay by credit card through PayPal®.

Rhyme for All Seasons, Many Holidays and Special Occasions
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Can you imagine a young man deemed medically unfit to study medicine in the Navy during World War II, then a few months later, being pronounced physically fit for training to lead a platoon of men in combat in the Army? This is exactly the tactic God used to provide a medical education for the poverty stricken, hopelessly naive son of a Georgia tenant farmer. And He accomplished this miracle through a meaningless, “unmentionable,” congenital deformity. Rock — Further Proof of God’s Sense of Humor relates this true, humorous and dramatic story.

In his thinly veiled autobiography of the first 25 years of his life, Rock — Further Proof of God’s Sense of Humor, Doc relates incidents that range from mundane to sidesplitting to spine tingling. You will need to look no further than Rock’s story to be convinced that God truly does have a sense of humor.

Laugh as the plot of Rock — Further Proof of God’s Sense of Humor unfolds and Dr. Osborne’s prediction comes true that “he won’t have no peers among little pee-ers.” Stand in awe as Rock finally realizes the preciseness of God’s provision for his need.

Rock Further Proof of God’s Sense of Humor