Fil-osophy / Phool-osophy



People say, “You can’t tell a book by its cover.” Doc tried to make that be untrue when he published this book. It does not have a back! Instead, it has two fronts and is actually two books placed back to back.  FIL-OSOPHY / PHOOL-OSOPHY is another good bathroom with 66 different rhymes, about half funny and half serious.


As you can see, “Philosophy” is intentionally misspelled on the cover to let you know this is right serious stuff, but it ain’t Plato. Also, the “I” in Fil-osophy has wings and a halo to indicate .goodness, and the figure on this cover is made to look like, The Thinker. All of these clues should give you a good idea as to the nature of the underlying rhyming verse.

On the other hand, when you turn the book over and view the other book cover, you will see it has the title of


with its “OO” decked out with an imp’s horns and tail, and the figure has become The Stinker. Even a person with ADD could add that up and know these are foolish rhymes.