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There are some things we try quite hard to hide.
We think we bury them down deep inside
hoping they will never, ever show
and that no one else will ever know.

The problem with that kind of reasoning
is: that things have a way of surfacing
at the very worst time, when we want them hid.
Oops! Too late now to shut that lid!
Now the whole wide world will see and know,
and the gossip-mongers will make it grow.

The very best way to avoid a fate like that
is to set yourself down right “where you are at”
and, with a light that is bright and a mirror that is wide,
take a deep, discerning look at what is inside.
If you should find both selfishness and pride,
submit them to God ‘til you’re certain they both have died.

If you find hatred, anger or bitterness,
ask God to replace them with love, acceptance and kindness.
If slothfulness and evil thoughts are there,
implore our God His strength and mind to share.

At the same breath, look both near and far
to see the closed doors and those that stand ajar.
The Holy Spirit will lead you to the door
that God has called and is making you ready for.
You’ll win the victory if you follow the Spirit’s lead,
though Satan will tell you, you don’t have a chance to succeed.
Don’t be misled, God gave you abilities
and the world is full of great opportunities.
Your very first try may not gain the Holy Grail,
but you must try again each time you fail.

God did not promise us an easy life
that would be free of turmoil, toil and strife.
He gave the Holy Spirit to show us direction
and dwell in us and mold us toward perfection
as we seek His guidance in our lives through introspection.
© 2016, cbs

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