Susquana and the Pharmacist

March 21, 2016 — Leave a comment

Susquana had suspected all along
that something in her marriage was dead wrong;
but now she had the undeniable proof,
and her red hot temper hit the roof.

She decided to take some action soon
to rid herself forever of that buffoon.
She wanted something powerful and quick,
and decided it would be arsenic.

She made a trip to the local pharmacy
where she knew her good friend, Ralph, would be.
“Ralph,” she said, “I want some arsenic,
and more than enough to make the varmint sick.”

“What did you say?” an agitated Ralph exclaimed.
“Do you want to put a sick animal out of its pain?”
“Well, I don’t want to shoot him in the head,
but I intend to see my husband dead.”

You can’t do that! It’s murder!!” she heard Ralph say,
“and you cannot get by with it. No way!
They’d trace that arsenic right back here to me,
but you, my friend, would get the death penalty.”

“Well, I don’t care,” said Susquana with misgivings,
“my life right now ain’t hardly worth the living.”
Having said that, she reached in her pocketbook,
pulled out her cell phone, and said, “Here, take a look.”

Ralph took a peek, and got the shock of his life –
Susquana’s husband was making mad love with his wife.
He said when he settled down from his conniption,
“Why didn’t you tell me you had a prescription?”
© 2016, cbs

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