Pope Francis and St. Malachy

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You may wonder what connection there might be
between the present day Pope and a priest from 12th-century.
St. Malachy from Ireland had a vision
in 1139 while in Rome on a papal mission.
He clearly saw all popes from then to the end,
and wrote about each – a hundred-twelve of them.

In most instances, the descriptive comments he wrote
were right on target, and it’s interesting to note
he predicted exactly the place and date of his death.
In Clairvaux, France, on All Souls Day, 1148, came his last breath.

Of the hundred twelfth Pope, St. Malachy penned.
“In the final persecution of the Holy … Church, Peter the Roman
shall reign who shall feed his flock midst great tribulations:
after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed
and, by the dreadful judge, the people will be judged.”

Most people agree, that the hundred twelfth Pope is St. Francis,
but no one except our God has all the answers.
This writer knows of no text in the Holy Bible
that proves St. Malachy false and unreliable.
There are some places where the two tend to agree,
but the Bible says more of the last Pope than does Malachy.

Most scholars agree, the false prophet of Revelations (16:13)
is the last Pope of the Catholic nation
who will lead an apostate church to assist
the Antichrist, who will kill those who resist.

Is Pope Francis the appointed one to lead
an apostate church to help the Antichrist succeed?
He has done things that cause this writer to state
he may well be building a church that is apostate.

He has invited under his wing religions
without a common thread to form a union.
He has granted the power to a thousand men
scattered around the world to forgive human sins.
He had told atheists they can go to heaven
without belief in Christ and sins forgiven.
Social justice is the base cry of his schism,
which is only a synonym for socialism.

mostholyfamilymonastery.com proclaims
that Francis is Pope only by the name
because, they state, his priestly ordination
did not conform to the true Catholic doctrine.

Other evidence could perhaps be given,
but only the passage of time, or the election
of a Pope to succeed Pope Francis will reveal
the final answer which, for now, is sealed.
© 2016, cbs

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