Is Obesity Caused by -IPS?

February 7, 2016 — Leave a comment

Some call obesity a national disease.
Well, I have a theory, if you please,
that relates to the old cliché that quips,
a moment on the lips– forever on the hips.
If you wish to avoid obesity’s hardships,
be moderate with things that end in -ips.

You first thought will be potato chips,
or corn chips, or perhaps apple pips.
Or could it have been loin tips
or excess little sips or nips?

There is no question of the fact that they
are part of the problem we have today:
but have you considered the fact that trips
to the oven or fridge could be one of those -ips?

Among the offenders are the cargo ships
that makes those transoceanic trips
and bring back foreign delicacies
that contribute so much to our national disease.

But the one group of -ips that all others eclipse
in adding fat to our national hips
and with which it is hardest to come to grips,
is the ever present silicone chip.

At first you might think a young sister or brother
with a sandwich in one hand, a mouse in the other,
intensely playing a video game
or texting on a cell-phone (they both work the same),
the bike and the bar-bells seriously neglected:
it does not take long before weight is affected.

The same with the adult addicted to Facebook
or LinkedIn or Twitter. They soon have the same look –
with a bulging belly and billowing behind –
a lot in their stomach, and little on their minds.

If you have a problem, then take the advice
of a guy who’s circled the track once or twice:
don’t be inactive, and tighten your grips
on those things whose spelling ends with an -ips.
© 2016, cbs

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