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Susquana had suspected all along
that something in her marriage was dead wrong;
but now she had the undeniable proof,
and her red hot temper hit the roof.

She decided to take some action soon
to rid herself forever of that buffoon.
She wanted something powerful and quick,
and decided it would be arsenic.

She made a trip to the local pharmacy
where she knew her good friend, Ralph, would be.
“Ralph,” she said, “I want some arsenic,
and more than enough to make the varmint sick.”

“What did you say?” an agitated Ralph exclaimed.
“Do you want to put a sick animal out of its pain?”
“Well, I don’t want to shoot him in the head,
but I intend to see my husband dead.”

You can’t do that! It’s murder!!” she heard Ralph say,
“and you cannot get by with it. No way!
They’d trace that arsenic right back here to me,
but you, my friend, would get the death penalty.”

“Well, I don’t care,” said Susquana with misgivings,
“my life right now ain’t hardly worth the living.”
Having said that, she reached in her pocketbook,
pulled out her cell phone, and said, “Here, take a look.”

Ralph took a peek, and got the shock of his life –
Susquana’s husband was making mad love with his wife.
He said when he settled down from his conniption,
“Why didn’t you tell me you had a prescription?”
© 2016, cbs

“It feels so right, it can’t be wrong”
is simply Satan’s siren song
to tempt someone to walk the way
that may lead to great harm someday.

He paints a picture that is so bright,
it makes the vilest things seem right.
His flowery words are so persuasive,
it is hard to see he is being evasive.

Myriads of his victims give testimony
that his words and reasoning are phony,
and the very best way to gain release is
to cast him aside, and pick up the pieces.

Unnumbered homes have been shipwrecked
by his temptation to illicit sex.
How many preachers and politicians
have fallen, victim of this temptation?

The same can be said for illegal drugs,
sold on the street by heartless thugs.
In order to attain that vaunted high,
how many more people have to die?

Prescription narcotics have a prominent place
in doing great harm to the human race.
Unscrupulous doctors may write prescriptions,
or patients abuse drugs prescribed by physicians.

The ever-present alcohol
is root of quite a bit of folderol.
It’s accepted by most of society
to the limits of sobriety;
but when it often passes that point
a whole family can be thrown out of joint.

Satan is wily, that sly old deceiver.
If, of his lies, you become a believer,
you may become victim of things that annoy –
but following Christ will bring peace and joy.
© 2016, cbs