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I witnessed the power of God today, in many different ways.
I know He is a living God who hears us when we pray.
But He is so much more than that! He wants to fill our days
with deeds of joy and goodness, so we’ll give to Him all praise.
His power, mercy and His might in many things abound.
You, too, may know His power if you’ll only look around.

I witnessed the power of God today in a rushing waterfall.
Only He could make the mountain that stood so very tall
and the stream of running water that rose from its inner depths
then hurried to the point from which it looked as if it leapt.
I saw the power of my God through eyes He gave to me.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for allowing me to see!”

I witnessed the power of God today in the cooing of a dove.
He spoke sweetly to his mate. He seemed to speak of love.
When such a great emotion in earth’s nature realm is shown,
it serves to bring remembrance that our God is on His throne.
I heard the power of my God through His wondrous gift of ears.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for ability to hear!”

I witnessed the power of God today in a fragrant blooming rose.
It completely warmed my being as I held it to my nose.
How can a thing of beauty have an odor so divine?
Answers to questions of this sort are simple to a God like mine.
I sensed the power of my God through His gift of smell.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for this wondrous gift as well!”

I witnessed the power of God today in warming rays of sun.
It felt so good to know those wintry days had come and gone.
I’m told He simply spoke the words and said, “Now let there be!”
And earth and sun came to exist for all eternity.
I sensed the power of my God through His gifts of feel and touch.
And then I said, “I’m grateful, God! You’ve given me so much.”

I witnessed the power of God today in tangy, tasty fruit.
He made several different ones, my different moods to suit.
How each has its distinctive flavor, I’ll never understand,
but the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisest man.
I witnessed the power of my God in the miracle of taste.
And so I said, “I praise you, God, for this sign of your embrace.”

I witnessed the power of God today in calmness of my heart.
Such a quiet and peaceful feeling, only my God could impart.
I did not see nor hear nor smell. I did not touch or taste.
It was like a sixth sense, and it comes about through faith.
By faith, the power of my God now resides in me!
All I can say is, “Thank you, God! All praise be unto Thee!”
© 1997, cbs

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

November 16, 2015 — Leave a comment


He never wrote a scientific paper.
In fact, his profession was that of a draper
who wanted to closely examine the fibers
of the cloths from which he fashioned his wares.
Lenses that were used for magnification
in that day were prone to much imperfection,
so he chose a project that had as its end
the making of a more perfect lens.

Superheated glass rods were pulled apart
producing fine “whiskers” with which he could start.
These “whiskers” when melted would produce
thin, small, clear spheres that he could use
for more than 200 times magnification –
more than any lens since man’s creation.
Van Leeuwenhoek shared his work with Dr. Reinier de Graaf
who marveled and, on Van Leeuwenhoek’s behalf,
endorsed it to the Royal Society in London
who, at first, accepted his reports with abandon.

But when Leeuwenhoek reported one-cell “animalcules,”
they were quick to brand him an absolute fool
since the teaching that prevailed at that time station
was the smallest animals come from spontaneous generation.
Van Leeuwenhoek persisted, so they sent a committee
to “once and for all” debunk this atrocity.
When the committee saw the microscopic eggs,
they realized that theory no longer had legs.

The first man to view human red blood corpuscles,
the movement of sperm, the striations in muscle
did not think of himself as the scientist,
but as one who received a God-given gift.
The first man to view many things thought odd
had a strong belief in a creator God.
He considered his work as substantiation
of the wonders of God’s miraculous creation.
© 2015, cbs