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I witnessed the power of God today, in many different ways.
I know He is a living God who hears us when we pray.
But He is so much more than that! He wants to fill our days
with deeds of joy and goodness, so we’ll give to Him all praise.
His power, mercy and His might in many things abound.
You, too, may know His power if you’ll only look around.

I witnessed the power of God today in a rushing waterfall.
Only He could make the mountain that stood so very tall
and the stream of running water that rose from its inner depths
then hurried to the point from which it looked as if it leapt.
I saw the power of my God through eyes He gave to me.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for allowing me to see!”

I witnessed the power of God today in the cooing of a dove.
He spoke sweetly to his mate. He seemed to speak of love.
When such a great emotion in earth’s nature realm is shown,
it serves to bring remembrance that our God is on His throne.
I heard the power of my God through His wondrous gift of ears.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for ability to hear!”

I witnessed the power of God today in a fragrant blooming rose.
It completely warmed my being as I held it to my nose.
How can a thing of beauty have an odor so divine?
Answers to questions of this sort are simple to a God like mine.
I sensed the power of my God through His gift of smell.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for this wondrous gift as well!”

I witnessed the power of God today in warming rays of sun.
It felt so good to know those wintry days had come and gone.
I’m told He simply spoke the words and said, “Now let there be!”
And earth and sun came to exist for all eternity.
I sensed the power of my God through His gifts of feel and touch.
And then I said, “I’m grateful, God! You’ve given me so much.”

I witnessed the power of God today in tangy, tasty fruit.
He made several different ones, my different moods to suit.
How each has its distinctive flavor, I’ll never understand,
but the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisest man.
I witnessed the power of my God in the miracle of taste.
And so I said, “I praise you, God, for this sign of your embrace.”

I witnessed the power of God today in calmness of my heart.
Such a quiet and peaceful feeling, only my God could impart.
I did not see nor hear nor smell. I did not touch or taste.
It was like a sixth sense, and it comes about through faith.
By faith, the power of my God now resides in me!
All I can say is, “Thank you, God! All praise be unto Thee!”
© 1997, cbs

How Rich Are You?

December 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

If you want to know how rich you are,
you do not start with your billfold
nor with the cost of your vaunted car
or how many shares of stock you hold.
You do not count the cost of your home
or whether you own an airplane.
It does not matter where you have gone,
or if you have garnered worldwide fame.
You may have won a huge election
or be some big company’s CEO,
or have brought some great product to perfection,
or be celebrated for what you know.

Oh, wealth is fine in its own place;
and fame or power can bring you joy,
but it’s a lie that the winner of the race
is the one who finishes with the most toys.

If you will know how rich you are,
add up those things that you will keep
in spite of death or disaster.
You’ll find your riches run quite deep.
Those things that money cannot buy,
such as faithful friends and family,
they will endure though time does fly,
and memories last eternally.

A close relationship with God
and true love for your fellow man
are riches while we’re on this sod
that will not fade when we leave this land.

Wherever your treasure is, my good man,
there, also, will be your heart;
and none of the earthly things will stand
when from this world we must depart.

To spend all your time seeking this world’s wares
is just as foolish and nondescript
as rearranging the deck chairs
on a rapidly sinking pleasure ship!
© 2015, cbs

Be Still My Soul

November 8, 2015 — Leave a comment

Be still my soul, though all the world around you
seems teetering, and ready for a fall.
The arms of God still lovingly surround you,
and He is still the master of it all.

Though futile war and human devastation
seem now to be the order of the day,
our all -wise God controls our destination
and, in His time, will show us our way.

Be still my soul, our God can still be trusted
to bring our ship home safely through the gale.
Though, with this world, we have become disgusted,
He’ll bring us home to Heaven without fail.

His word is still a lamp unto our feet
and perfect road map to our new abode,
where we shall rest when our journey is complete,
and we lay down our heavy, earthly load.

Be still my soul, the best is yet to come –
when we shall see our Master face to face
and hear His wondrous words to us, “Well done!”
to those who know salvation by His grace.

This is no time to idly stand by
and watch, while men and women go to Hell.
The time is short. The days and hours fly.
The thing for us to do is go, and tell.

Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side.
Bear patiently thy cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
in every change, He faithful will remain
(C. von Schlegel, 1752)
© 2015, cbs