Archives For Firemen/Policemen

It’s time we gave proper honor to
the guys once known as “the boys in blue” –
the vaunted firemen and policemen
who risk their lives again and again
to defend the lives, the property
and rights of folks like you and me.

Today they are under vicious attack
from folks unwilling to give any slack,
allowing the actions of very few
their opinion of all of them to spew
to the point that their actions here of late
incite the nation as a whole to hate.

Admittedly, in any group
a few “bad apples tend to spoil the soup.”
This is true in every region –
in business, medicine, even religion –
a very small number out of control
taint the view of the group as a whole.

The press and the President, before all facts are in
muddy the water with their personal spin
that often tends to pit race against race
and lead to hatred. It is a disgrace.

You and I should support our defenders,
allowing them to weed out offenders.
Just consider how life would be
were they not there to serve you and me.
A show of support is well past due.
© 2015, cbs