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There are some things we try quite hard to hide.
We think we bury them down deep inside
hoping they will never, ever show
and that no one else will ever know.

The problem with that kind of reasoning
is: that things have a way of surfacing
at the very worst time, when we want them hid.
Oops! Too late now to shut that lid!
Now the whole wide world will see and know,
and the gossip-mongers will make it grow.

The very best way to avoid a fate like that
is to set yourself down right “where you are at”
and, with a light that is bright and a mirror that is wide,
take a deep, discerning look at what is inside.
If you should find both selfishness and pride,
submit them to God ‘til you’re certain they both have died.

If you find hatred, anger or bitterness,
ask God to replace them with love, acceptance and kindness.
If slothfulness and evil thoughts are there,
implore our God His strength and mind to share.

At the same breath, look both near and far
to see the closed doors and those that stand ajar.
The Holy Spirit will lead you to the door
that God has called and is making you ready for.
You’ll win the victory if you follow the Spirit’s lead,
though Satan will tell you, you don’t have a chance to succeed.
Don’t be misled, God gave you abilities
and the world is full of great opportunities.
Your very first try may not gain the Holy Grail,
but you must try again each time you fail.

God did not promise us an easy life
that would be free of turmoil, toil and strife.
He gave the Holy Spirit to show us direction
and dwell in us and mold us toward perfection
as we seek His guidance in our lives through introspection.
© 2016, cbs

Susquana had suspected all along
that something in her marriage was dead wrong;
but now she had the undeniable proof,
and her red hot temper hit the roof.

She decided to take some action soon
to rid herself forever of that buffoon.
She wanted something powerful and quick,
and decided it would be arsenic.

She made a trip to the local pharmacy
where she knew her good friend, Ralph, would be.
“Ralph,” she said, “I want some arsenic,
and more than enough to make the varmint sick.”

“What did you say?” an agitated Ralph exclaimed.
“Do you want to put a sick animal out of its pain?”
“Well, I don’t want to shoot him in the head,
but I intend to see my husband dead.”

You can’t do that! It’s murder!!” she heard Ralph say,
“and you cannot get by with it. No way!
They’d trace that arsenic right back here to me,
but you, my friend, would get the death penalty.”

“Well, I don’t care,” said Susquana with misgivings,
“my life right now ain’t hardly worth the living.”
Having said that, she reached in her pocketbook,
pulled out her cell phone, and said, “Here, take a look.”

Ralph took a peek, and got the shock of his life –
Susquana’s husband was making mad love with his wife.
He said when he settled down from his conniption,
“Why didn’t you tell me you had a prescription?”
© 2016, cbs

You may wonder what connection there might be
between the present day Pope and a priest from 12th-century.
St. Malachy from Ireland had a vision
in 1139 while in Rome on a papal mission.
He clearly saw all popes from then to the end,
and wrote about each – a hundred-twelve of them.

In most instances, the descriptive comments he wrote
were right on target, and it’s interesting to note
he predicted exactly the place and date of his death.
In Clairvaux, France, on All Souls Day, 1148, came his last breath.

Of the hundred twelfth Pope, St. Malachy penned.
“In the final persecution of the Holy … Church, Peter the Roman
shall reign who shall feed his flock midst great tribulations:
after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed
and, by the dreadful judge, the people will be judged.”

Most people agree, that the hundred twelfth Pope is St. Francis,
but no one except our God has all the answers.
This writer knows of no text in the Holy Bible
that proves St. Malachy false and unreliable.
There are some places where the two tend to agree,
but the Bible says more of the last Pope than does Malachy.

Most scholars agree, the false prophet of Revelations (16:13)
is the last Pope of the Catholic nation
who will lead an apostate church to assist
the Antichrist, who will kill those who resist.

Is Pope Francis the appointed one to lead
an apostate church to help the Antichrist succeed?
He has done things that cause this writer to state
he may well be building a church that is apostate.

He has invited under his wing religions
without a common thread to form a union.
He has granted the power to a thousand men
scattered around the world to forgive human sins.
He had told atheists they can go to heaven
without belief in Christ and sins forgiven.
Social justice is the base cry of his schism,
which is only a synonym for socialism. proclaims
that Francis is Pope only by the name
because, they state, his priestly ordination
did not conform to the true Catholic doctrine.

Other evidence could perhaps be given,
but only the passage of time, or the election
of a Pope to succeed Pope Francis will reveal
the final answer which, for now, is sealed.
© 2016, cbs

“It feels so right, it can’t be wrong”
is simply Satan’s siren song
to tempt someone to walk the way
that may lead to great harm someday.

He paints a picture that is so bright,
it makes the vilest things seem right.
His flowery words are so persuasive,
it is hard to see he is being evasive.

Myriads of his victims give testimony
that his words and reasoning are phony,
and the very best way to gain release is
to cast him aside, and pick up the pieces.

Unnumbered homes have been shipwrecked
by his temptation to illicit sex.
How many preachers and politicians
have fallen, victim of this temptation?

The same can be said for illegal drugs,
sold on the street by heartless thugs.
In order to attain that vaunted high,
how many more people have to die?

Prescription narcotics have a prominent place
in doing great harm to the human race.
Unscrupulous doctors may write prescriptions,
or patients abuse drugs prescribed by physicians.

The ever-present alcohol
is root of quite a bit of folderol.
It’s accepted by most of society
to the limits of sobriety;
but when it often passes that point
a whole family can be thrown out of joint.

Satan is wily, that sly old deceiver.
If, of his lies, you become a believer,
you may become victim of things that annoy –
but following Christ will bring peace and joy.
© 2016, cbs

Valentine, since we’re ashine
with love (that sometimes may be blind)
and we as one have been combined
by a power that is truly divine,
we are forevermore entwined.

I could look to the ends of the earth and not find
a greater and more alluring goldmine
of love and affection worthy of headlines
than the one with whom I’m forever intertwined –
not even JFK’s famed Jacqueline.

Should my heart ever not be kind
and think of failing to “walk the line,”
or worse, of parting from this sweetheart of mine,
I should surely be flogged by the famed “cat-o-nine,”
be tried by a jury and justly opined
as worthy of hanging from the nearest pine.

The thought is bitter as bitterest quinine
to think of ever being realigned
with anyone else except you, my Sunshine!
I pledge that forever my heart is thine
and, as token to that, I have undersigned.

With you, my darling Valentine,
I drink of love’s most desirable wine
and all the joys of living examine.
A yearning for you will be my life’s Y-line
until we are called to God’s kingdom of Zion.
© 2016, cbs

Some call obesity a national disease.
Well, I have a theory, if you please,
that relates to the old cliché that quips,
a moment on the lips– forever on the hips.
If you wish to avoid obesity’s hardships,
be moderate with things that end in -ips.

You first thought will be potato chips,
or corn chips, or perhaps apple pips.
Or could it have been loin tips
or excess little sips or nips?

There is no question of the fact that they
are part of the problem we have today:
but have you considered the fact that trips
to the oven or fridge could be one of those -ips?

Among the offenders are the cargo ships
that makes those transoceanic trips
and bring back foreign delicacies
that contribute so much to our national disease.

But the one group of -ips that all others eclipse
in adding fat to our national hips
and with which it is hardest to come to grips,
is the ever present silicone chip.

At first you might think a young sister or brother
with a sandwich in one hand, a mouse in the other,
intensely playing a video game
or texting on a cell-phone (they both work the same),
the bike and the bar-bells seriously neglected:
it does not take long before weight is affected.

The same with the adult addicted to Facebook
or LinkedIn or Twitter. They soon have the same look –
with a bulging belly and billowing behind –
a lot in their stomach, and little on their minds.

If you have a problem, then take the advice
of a guy who’s circled the track once or twice:
don’t be inactive, and tighten your grips
on those things whose spelling ends with an -ips.
© 2016, cbs

I witnessed the power of God today, in many different ways.
I know He is a living God who hears us when we pray.
But He is so much more than that! He wants to fill our days
with deeds of joy and goodness, so we’ll give to Him all praise.
His power, mercy and His might in many things abound.
You, too, may know His power if you’ll only look around.

I witnessed the power of God today in a rushing waterfall.
Only He could make the mountain that stood so very tall
and the stream of running water that rose from its inner depths
then hurried to the point from which it looked as if it leapt.
I saw the power of my God through eyes He gave to me.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for allowing me to see!”

I witnessed the power of God today in the cooing of a dove.
He spoke sweetly to his mate. He seemed to speak of love.
When such a great emotion in earth’s nature realm is shown,
it serves to bring remembrance that our God is on His throne.
I heard the power of my God through His wondrous gift of ears.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for ability to hear!”

I witnessed the power of God today in a fragrant blooming rose.
It completely warmed my being as I held it to my nose.
How can a thing of beauty have an odor so divine?
Answers to questions of this sort are simple to a God like mine.
I sensed the power of my God through His gift of smell.
And so I said, “I thank you, God, for this wondrous gift as well!”

I witnessed the power of God today in warming rays of sun.
It felt so good to know those wintry days had come and gone.
I’m told He simply spoke the words and said, “Now let there be!”
And earth and sun came to exist for all eternity.
I sensed the power of my God through His gifts of feel and touch.
And then I said, “I’m grateful, God! You’ve given me so much.”

I witnessed the power of God today in tangy, tasty fruit.
He made several different ones, my different moods to suit.
How each has its distinctive flavor, I’ll never understand,
but the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisest man.
I witnessed the power of my God in the miracle of taste.
And so I said, “I praise you, God, for this sign of your embrace.”

I witnessed the power of God today in calmness of my heart.
Such a quiet and peaceful feeling, only my God could impart.
I did not see nor hear nor smell. I did not touch or taste.
It was like a sixth sense, and it comes about through faith.
By faith, the power of my God now resides in me!
All I can say is, “Thank you, God! All praise be unto Thee!”
© 1997, cbs

The Grand Ole Opry

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It was November 28, 1925
when The Grand Ole Opry first came alive
on WSM radio of Nashville, Tennessee.
There was no hint of what it would one day be.

The WSM call letters served the function
of reminding of their slogan, “We sell millions,”
of the National Life … Insurance Company
who owned the station in it’s entirety.

WSM had hired broadcaster George D. Hay,
who introduced the “WSM Barn Dance” that day
from the fifth floor studios of WSM.
The “sober old judge’s” program soon outgrew them.

Several more and larger venues were outgrown
as “The Opry” became better and better known.
To keep the crowds from being quite as large,
“The Opry” instituted a twenty-five cent charge.

The Grand Ole Opry name was first invoked
when “Sober Old Judge” Hay spontaneously joked
after a previous announcer had said with sarcasm,
“There is no place in music for realism.”
Hay said, “We’ve been listening to music from grand opera.
From now on, we’ll present The Grand Ole Opry.”

For ninety years, “The Opry” has displayed
a constant flow of artists on parade
who say, “If you get to ‘The Opry,’ you’ve got it made.”
To name them all is an impossibility,
but Elvis and Dolly performed there joyfully.

“The Opry” continues this popularity
with myriads of musical venues to hear and see:
folk music, gospel, bluegrass, skits and comedy,
but the base format of the show is still country.
© 2016, cbs

My Prayer for 2016

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Dear Lord,
May I remember as I try to run the race,
that I am a sinner who has been saved by God’s grace.
May I not forget as I try to walk the line
to never judge those whose sins are just different from mine.

Help me to understand and to admit
that they have reason for calling me “hypocrite,”
for I am human and never shall be divine,
and there are blind spots in this life of mine.

May I be willing, while traveling down life’s road,
to help to lighten some other man’s heavy load
and help him to see that in him the Lord delights
and wants him to live with Him in Heaven’s heights.

Lord, help me not condone – yet not condemn –
the sinful ways my human eyes may see in him.
Give me the eyes to see – as You can see –
the possibilities of what he can be.

May I realize that, with all my imperfections,
my task on earth is to give good, clear directions
to Jesus Christ, the author of salvation,
to those who are bound in sin, and face damnation.

When I say, “Why me? I am far from perfect!”
He answers, “Each vessel I have is also imperfect,
but you have your own story that only you can tell,
and I can bring salvation through an imperfect vessel.”

And Lord, our government has (much to its shame)
tried to remove each vestige of Your Name
and Christian persecution has shown signs of inception.
May I still exalt the name of Jesus, Your Son.
© 2015, cbs

Welcome to 2016 CE

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Welcome to 2016 CE.
Does that caption bother you as it once bothered me?
Of course, it’s a part of political correctness
which has brought our country to a point of weakness.
To be fair, this change is not from government.
Some Jews and academia are those that dissent.

In A.D. 525, a monk, Dionysius,
devised the present numbering system for us.
The old system stressed the martyring of Christians.
He desired to stress his Lord’s incarnation.
The years before Christ’s birth, he labeled BC,
and those that came after, as A.D. (Anno Domini).

Christians believe Christ created the earth,
and, therefore, existed before His earthly birth,
so Before Christ, or BC, is in error you see.
The designation, A.D., stands for Anno Domini
which, when translated, means the year of our Lord,
and is a term from Latin, a language long ignored.

Those who dissent from the present terminology
practice inserting the letters CE and BCE.
CE stands for Common Era and B for Before.
If we substitute Christian for Common, why argue more.
The term Christian era was used in the sixteenth century,
and describes this period of time accurately.

Christians have many battles they must fight
and, in our efforts for Him, our Lord delights.
Some fights have so little to be gained
and are not worth the effort nor the pain.
Let their CE stand for Common Era,
but make our Christian Era even clearer.

This problem now does not have much portent,
but rest assured that our government
will, trying to be politically correct,
adopt the CE in all its context..
So think of Christian era when you hear
my “Happy 2016 CE New Year!”
© 2015. cbs