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October 4, 2016 — Leave a comment

There are some things we try quite hard to hide.
We think we bury them down deep inside
hoping they will never, ever show
and that no one else will ever know.

The problem with that kind of reasoning
is: that things have a way of surfacing
at the very worst time, when we want them hid.
Oops! Too late now to shut that lid!
Now the whole wide world will see and know,
and the gossip-mongers will make it grow.

The very best way to avoid a fate like that
is to set yourself down right “where you are at”
and, with a light that is bright and a mirror that is wide,
take a deep, discerning look at what is inside.
If you should find both selfishness and pride,
submit them to God ‘til you’re certain they both have died.

If you find hatred, anger or bitterness,
ask God to replace them with love, acceptance and kindness.
If slothfulness and evil thoughts are there,
implore our God His strength and mind to share.

At the same breath, look both near and far
to see the closed doors and those that stand ajar.
The Holy Spirit will lead you to the door
that God has called and is making you ready for.
You’ll win the victory if you follow the Spirit’s lead,
though Satan will tell you, you don’t have a chance to succeed.
Don’t be misled, God gave you abilities
and the world is full of great opportunities.
Your very first try may not gain the Holy Grail,
but you must try again each time you fail.

God did not promise us an easy life
that would be free of turmoil, toil and strife.
He gave the Holy Spirit to show us direction
and dwell in us and mold us toward perfection
as we seek His guidance in our lives through introspection.
© 2016, cbs


December 21, 2015 — Leave a comment

Joseph must have felt quite odd
being surrogate father to the son of God.
But he had received that angelic visit
saying the child was of the Holy Spirit.

Can you imagine what folks would say
each time the couple passed their way?
The gossip must have been intense;
“Their story just does not make sense.”

Then having to go to Bethlehem
to pay the taxes levied on them
must have seemed “the straw that killed” –
but prophecy must be fulfilled.

To have his “son” born in a stable
because he simply was not able
to find a room there in the inn
must have seemed a mortal sin.

But then, the shepherds and angels came
to glorify this place of shame
and, later, wise men bearing gifts
that could finance a flight to Egypt.

Informed in a dream of Herod’s death,
Joseph took his family to Nazareth,
again fulfilling the vision foreseen,
“He shall be called a Nazarene.”

Joseph was amazed when, at age 12, in the temple,
Jesus taught the elders as if they were simple.
Then, it was back to the carpenter shop
and it seemed their relationship would never stop.

But, Joseph must have died before Christ’s ministry.
He did not meet His disciples, nor enjoy His victories.
Nor did he see Him writhe on the cross in agony
as surrogate in death on the cross for you and me.
© 2015, cbs

How Rich Are You?

December 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

If you want to know how rich you are,
you do not start with your billfold
nor with the cost of your vaunted car
or how many shares of stock you hold.
You do not count the cost of your home
or whether you own an airplane.
It does not matter where you have gone,
or if you have garnered worldwide fame.
You may have won a huge election
or be some big company’s CEO,
or have brought some great product to perfection,
or be celebrated for what you know.

Oh, wealth is fine in its own place;
and fame or power can bring you joy,
but it’s a lie that the winner of the race
is the one who finishes with the most toys.

If you will know how rich you are,
add up those things that you will keep
in spite of death or disaster.
You’ll find your riches run quite deep.
Those things that money cannot buy,
such as faithful friends and family,
they will endure though time does fly,
and memories last eternally.

A close relationship with God
and true love for your fellow man
are riches while we’re on this sod
that will not fade when we leave this land.

Wherever your treasure is, my good man,
there, also, will be your heart;
and none of the earthly things will stand
when from this world we must depart.

To spend all your time seeking this world’s wares
is just as foolish and nondescript
as rearranging the deck chairs
on a rapidly sinking pleasure ship!
© 2015, cbs

Christ has saved you from hedonism
(a life of sin that sends one’s soul to Hell).
Satan wants to impose legalism
(unneeded rules that Christian joy dispel).

The road to heaven is not broad.
Jesus Christ is the only way –
the only path that can be trod,
and we should walk it day by day.

Satan knows he can’t reclaim you.
Your salvation is secure
in Jesus Christ who died to redeem you.
Satan would make your witness be obscure.

When Jesus Christ came into your heart,
the Holy Spirit came with Him
to guide your life and to impart
a perfect peace and joy within.

But Satan tries to take away
the joy that Christ came to impart,
reminding each and every day
of imperfections and sin in our hearts.

“It’s hard to live a Christian life,”
he keeps reminding every day,
“you’re still full of sin and strife.
You’re not different in any way.”

Rejoice! Eternal life Christ gives,
and grace in unimaginable profusion,
forgiving sins in Christians’ lives.
He is not the author of confusion.

The work He has begun in you
is going in the right direction.
And He has promised to continue to do
the work ‘til the day of Christ, and perfection.
© 2015, cbs