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Valentine, since we’re ashine
with love (that sometimes may be blind)
and we as one have been combined
by a power that is truly divine,
we are forevermore entwined.

I could look to the ends of the earth and not find
a greater and more alluring goldmine
of love and affection worthy of headlines
than the one with whom I’m forever intertwined –
not even JFK’s famed Jacqueline.

Should my heart ever not be kind
and think of failing to “walk the line,”
or worse, of parting from this sweetheart of mine,
I should surely be flogged by the famed “cat-o-nine,”
be tried by a jury and justly opined
as worthy of hanging from the nearest pine.

The thought is bitter as bitterest quinine
to think of ever being realigned
with anyone else except you, my Sunshine!
I pledge that forever my heart is thine
and, as token to that, I have undersigned.

With you, my darling Valentine,
I drink of love’s most desirable wine
and all the joys of living examine.
A yearning for you will be my life’s Y-line
until we are called to God’s kingdom of Zion.
© 2016, cbs

When one marries in life’s December,
he should not expect too much from his wife.
I’ve been here a long time, but can’t remember
being more happy in all my life.

We may have had a slight advantage:
knowing each other for sixty years
(which is slightly more than average)
and sharing some good times and some tears.

It took so little time for us
to make the adjustments that had to be done.
So quickly; and with such little fuss,
the two of us became truly one.

My first thought is of her health and happiness,
and she feels the same about me.
Such mutual caring, the good Lord has blessed
with happiness to the greatest degree.

We had no assurance when we “took the leap”
of having any long length of time.
We’ve had two years – now that’s not a heap –
but most every day has been sublime.

We still do not know how much time we have here.
Whatever length, we believe we can weather –
a week, a month, six months, a year?
Our real hope is we’ll be raptured together.
© 2015, cbs

V is for “va-va-voom,” the feeling I get
when you walk into the room; my sweetheart, my pet.

A — for the French word “Amour,” the kind that lasts for life
(or as the French would say “toujours”) twixt a man and
his wife.

L is for love that lasts “until death do us part”
for each has given to the other his or her heart.

E is for eternity, the time we want to spend
in each other’s presence, for we are best of friends.

N stands for now and always, we promise to be true
to one another — you to me, and I to you.

T is for time that seems to stand still with you by my side
and yet it’s so natural it seems forever you’ve been my bride.

I, of all men, have been most wonderfully blessed
to have a woman like you share our little love nest.

N stands for never has there been a doubt in my mind
that you were the one God intended in my life for this time.

E says eternal shall my song of gratitude be
to God for sending you to share this life with me.
© 2015, cbs

True Love Is a Gift

February 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

True love is a gift from God, who, Himself, is love.
It sets our hearts to cooing like a dove
God-ordained true love has existed forever
and is one emotion that merits His highest favor.
Sanctioned by the highest courts above,
it is the highest form of human love.

Not to be confused with carnal lust,
true love requires respect and mutual trust.
Nor to be confused with a fancy passing,
true love is here to stay; is everlasting.
It blossoms when a woman’s and a man’s
hearts are joined according to God’s plans.

True love is never just a happenstance.
The will of God does not occur by chance.
True love is not adept at keeping score –
it will give and give, then give some more
without requiring “something in return
or else this marriage soon will be adjourned.”

True love always seeks the partner’s good
and never causes hurt “just because it could.”
It is gentle, understanding and kind,
and tends to gender increased peace of mind –
but can stand firm when firmness is what is needed.
When true love rules, most marriages have succeeded.

True love prevails in testing situations,
can stand the test of time — even separation;
is not excessive in what it demands;
and multiplies when walking hand in hand.
True love will subject “I” to corporate “We.”
Thank God for bringing my true love to me.
© 2014, cbs

Happy Birthday, Fran

December 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

My Fran is such a sweet and foxy lady
it’s hard for me to think she’s turning eighty.
But time and calendars aren’t known to lie,
and we’ve been friends while sixty years rolled by.

Some people lie and dye to hide their age,
but Fran and I feel we have reached the stage
where our age is something to brag about
and brings some privilege without a doubt.

No need to hide those wrinkles in your face;
they’re smile furrows from joys while running life’s race.
Mismatched shoes or socks are no disgrace;
among folks of our age , they’re commonplace.

You can blame your age when you forget
the name or face of someone you just met.
One gift the two of us can truly treasure
is there is no longer much peer pressure.

The greatest blessing comes from Heaven above:
the vaunted gift of unconditional love.
The slightest error does not result in a “tiz.”
Our love remains strong, for we know WHO each other is.
Happy 80th, Fran!!!

Susquanna’s Threat

October 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

Lindstrom’s and Susquanna’s lovers’ spat
reached a fevered pitch in nothing flat.
It started from a simple incident –
a word was said that was not really meant.

It soon involved each unkind word or deed
that ever happened, or had been perceived
between the two since the day they married –
about ten years — and all of them quite harried.

Their words were sharp as one tore down the other,
and scathed their father, mother, sister, brother
with unkind words and ugly epithets,
elevating the fight to the highest level yet.

By this time, Susquanna was in Lindstrom’s face
shouting shrill words at such a rapid pace
that Lindstrom reached out and rudely pushed her away;
which was not his smartest action of the day.

Susquanna’s reaction was to grab her purse –
the big one she used when working as a nurse.
From its deepest recesses, she pulled out a pistol
and jammed it tightly to the right side of her skull.

“Don’t do that!” said Lindstrom loudly. “Don’t take your own life!
I still love you dearly — still want you as my wife.
Just stop and think how many lives will be wrecked.”
“Shut up!” said Susquanna. “I warn you now, you’re next.”
© 2014, cbs

Our First Anniversary

August 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

A first anniversary in life’s December
is different from the ones we remember
when we were young and in a hurry
and, oh, so prone to needless worry.

We both have lived in that lonely state
of having lost a lifetime mate
and thought we would never know again
the thrill of a woman — the touch of a man.

When you’re not alone in life’s December,
it warms like a brightly glowing ember
to know one you cherish is there beside you
to comfort, love and, if needs be, guide you.

Most of life’s battles have been fought and won.
Most of your life’s work has already been done.
You don’t know how close you are to Heaven’s gate,
but you don’t want to just sit and wait.

You have earned the right to choose your tasks
and need not do everything you are asked.
Whatever you do, you hope will be
a thing to enrich society.

“Two heads are better than one,” they say.
We realize that more every day
and try to do more things in concert.
The feeling after one year is that of comfort.

Don’t get the idea that because we are old
our torrid love affair has already turned cold.
It has not, In fact, if the truth were told,
we’re as much in love as two nineteen-year-olds.
© 2014, cbs

Dear Valentine,
Your sterling beauty has not faded
or become the least bit jaded
by time’s passage through the years.
Though your step has slowed and your brow has creased,
your zest for life seems to have increased
in spite of trials, toils and tears.

Throw the old saying on the trash heap
that says, Beauty is only skin deep.
Replace it with another one.
The one to keep? Let me propose,
Pretty is as pretty does.
That should do ’til life is done.

I see great beauty in your eye
that notices, and is prone to cry,
not for self, but for family and friends
and neighbors from here to this world’s ends.

I see great beauty in your ear,
so prone to sympathetically hear
and try to do whatever you can
to benefit your fellow man.

I see great beauty in your hands
ready to do as much as you can
to meet the needs and calm the fears
of the very young; the advanced in years.

I see great beauty in your heart,
willing to do much more than your part
to see all people on this sod
in harmony with earth and God.

So Valentine, my heart’s desire,
I’m here to say you light my fire.
I’ll sing your praises near and far
because I know EXACTLY WHO you are.
© 2014, cbs