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Valentine, since we’re ashine
with love (that sometimes may be blind)
and we as one have been combined
by a power that is truly divine,
we are forevermore entwined.

I could look to the ends of the earth and not find
a greater and more alluring goldmine
of love and affection worthy of headlines
than the one with whom I’m forever intertwined –
not even JFK’s famed Jacqueline.

Should my heart ever not be kind
and think of failing to “walk the line,”
or worse, of parting from this sweetheart of mine,
I should surely be flogged by the famed “cat-o-nine,”
be tried by a jury and justly opined
as worthy of hanging from the nearest pine.

The thought is bitter as bitterest quinine
to think of ever being realigned
with anyone else except you, my Sunshine!
I pledge that forever my heart is thine
and, as token to that, I have undersigned.

With you, my darling Valentine,
I drink of love’s most desirable wine
and all the joys of living examine.
A yearning for you will be my life’s Y-line
until we are called to God’s kingdom of Zion.
© 2016, cbs

America, You Are

November 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

America, you are my native land.
Underneath your Red, your White and Blue
I proudly live, and here I take my stand
to speak and, if it needs be, die for you.

Time was when daring, distant forbears came
here, fleeing cruel and crushing tyrant’s hand,
to a land — loved though they only knew its name –
America. You are my native land.

“Give me… your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”
beguiled and beckoned them to come to you
to practice here their legal liberties
underneath your Red, your White and Blue.

The tides of time surged steadily ahead
and massive change has come on every hand.
Yet in this land, on Georgia’s clay of red,
I proudly live and here I take my stand.

Your enemies are strong, and wish, somehow
from within or without, their dirt to do
to bring you down. I make my solemn vow
to speak and, if it needs be, die for you.

E’en some who in your freedoms gladly bask
would take away our legal liberties.
This raises up the question to be asked,
“Is there earthly cause for hope for humanity?”

America, you are!
© 2008, cbs