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“It feels so right, it can’t be wrong”
is simply Satan’s siren song
to tempt someone to walk the way
that may lead to great harm someday.

He paints a picture that is so bright,
it makes the vilest things seem right.
His flowery words are so persuasive,
it is hard to see he is being evasive.

Myriads of his victims give testimony
that his words and reasoning are phony,
and the very best way to gain release is
to cast him aside, and pick up the pieces.

Unnumbered homes have been shipwrecked
by his temptation to illicit sex.
How many preachers and politicians
have fallen, victim of this temptation?

The same can be said for illegal drugs,
sold on the street by heartless thugs.
In order to attain that vaunted high,
how many more people have to die?

Prescription narcotics have a prominent place
in doing great harm to the human race.
Unscrupulous doctors may write prescriptions,
or patients abuse drugs prescribed by physicians.

The ever-present alcohol
is root of quite a bit of folderol.
It’s accepted by most of society
to the limits of sobriety;
but when it often passes that point
a whole family can be thrown out of joint.

Satan is wily, that sly old deceiver.
If, of his lies, you become a believer,
you may become victim of things that annoy –
but following Christ will bring peace and joy.
© 2016, cbs

Valentine, since we’re ashine
with love (that sometimes may be blind)
and we as one have been combined
by a power that is truly divine,
we are forevermore entwined.

I could look to the ends of the earth and not find
a greater and more alluring goldmine
of love and affection worthy of headlines
than the one with whom I’m forever intertwined –
not even JFK’s famed Jacqueline.

Should my heart ever not be kind
and think of failing to “walk the line,”
or worse, of parting from this sweetheart of mine,
I should surely be flogged by the famed “cat-o-nine,”
be tried by a jury and justly opined
as worthy of hanging from the nearest pine.

The thought is bitter as bitterest quinine
to think of ever being realigned
with anyone else except you, my Sunshine!
I pledge that forever my heart is thine
and, as token to that, I have undersigned.

With you, my darling Valentine,
I drink of love’s most desirable wine
and all the joys of living examine.
A yearning for you will be my life’s Y-line
until we are called to God’s kingdom of Zion.
© 2016, cbs


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Joseph must have felt quite odd
being surrogate father to the son of God.
But he had received that angelic visit
saying the child was of the Holy Spirit.

Can you imagine what folks would say
each time the couple passed their way?
The gossip must have been intense;
“Their story just does not make sense.”

Then having to go to Bethlehem
to pay the taxes levied on them
must have seemed “the straw that killed” –
but prophecy must be fulfilled.

To have his “son” born in a stable
because he simply was not able
to find a room there in the inn
must have seemed a mortal sin.

But then, the shepherds and angels came
to glorify this place of shame
and, later, wise men bearing gifts
that could finance a flight to Egypt.

Informed in a dream of Herod’s death,
Joseph took his family to Nazareth,
again fulfilling the vision foreseen,
“He shall be called a Nazarene.”

Joseph was amazed when, at age 12, in the temple,
Jesus taught the elders as if they were simple.
Then, it was back to the carpenter shop
and it seemed their relationship would never stop.

But, Joseph must have died before Christ’s ministry.
He did not meet His disciples, nor enjoy His victories.
Nor did he see Him writhe on the cross in agony
as surrogate in death on the cross for you and me.
© 2015, cbs

Booker T. Washington

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Did Booker T. Washington have a crystal ball
a hundred years ago when he made this call?
“There is certain class of race problem solvers
who do not care if the patient recovers
because as long as the disease is persisting
they have… an easy way of making a living
and an easy medium with which to make
themselves prominent before the public.”

Booker T. Washington was born in slavery,
but Lincoln’s proclamation made him free.
From Virginia to West Virginia, the family moved
to reunite his mother with her true love,
a man named Washington Ferguson.
Needing a surname, Booker chose Washington
at age nine, when education was begun.

He worked in coal mines to fund his pursuit
of further education at Hampton Institute.
His clothes were so ragged, he was nearly not admitted,
but this young black man was exceptionally committed.
After Hampton came Washington, DC,
where he studied for six months at Wayland Seminary.

Appointed the first head of Tuskegee Institute,
he guided this teachers’ school from its roots
until the very day he died,
and made it a point of great black pride.
He sought black advance by education,
and not from physical confrontation.

Tuskegee University stands today
as tribute to the man who paved the way
for many black people to gain higher station
through the process of higher education.
Oh, that black leaders of modern time
would adhere to his statement, near sublime,
when he said, “I shall allow no man
to belittle my soul by making me hate him.”
© 2015, cbs

How Rich Are You?

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If you want to know how rich you are,
you do not start with your billfold
nor with the cost of your vaunted car
or how many shares of stock you hold.
You do not count the cost of your home
or whether you own an airplane.
It does not matter where you have gone,
or if you have garnered worldwide fame.
You may have won a huge election
or be some big company’s CEO,
or have brought some great product to perfection,
or be celebrated for what you know.

Oh, wealth is fine in its own place;
and fame or power can bring you joy,
but it’s a lie that the winner of the race
is the one who finishes with the most toys.

If you will know how rich you are,
add up those things that you will keep
in spite of death or disaster.
You’ll find your riches run quite deep.
Those things that money cannot buy,
such as faithful friends and family,
they will endure though time does fly,
and memories last eternally.

A close relationship with God
and true love for your fellow man
are riches while we’re on this sod
that will not fade when we leave this land.

Wherever your treasure is, my good man,
there, also, will be your heart;
and none of the earthly things will stand
when from this world we must depart.

To spend all your time seeking this world’s wares
is just as foolish and nondescript
as rearranging the deck chairs
on a rapidly sinking pleasure ship!
© 2015, cbs

Be Still My Soul

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Be still my soul, though all the world around you
seems teetering, and ready for a fall.
The arms of God still lovingly surround you,
and He is still the master of it all.

Though futile war and human devastation
seem now to be the order of the day,
our all -wise God controls our destination
and, in His time, will show us our way.

Be still my soul, our God can still be trusted
to bring our ship home safely through the gale.
Though, with this world, we have become disgusted,
He’ll bring us home to Heaven without fail.

His word is still a lamp unto our feet
and perfect road map to our new abode,
where we shall rest when our journey is complete,
and we lay down our heavy, earthly load.

Be still my soul, the best is yet to come –
when we shall see our Master face to face
and hear His wondrous words to us, “Well done!”
to those who know salvation by His grace.

This is no time to idly stand by
and watch, while men and women go to Hell.
The time is short. The days and hours fly.
The thing for us to do is go, and tell.

Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side.
Bear patiently thy cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
in every change, He faithful will remain
(C. von Schlegel, 1752)
© 2015, cbs

It’s time we gave proper honor to
the guys once known as “the boys in blue” –
the vaunted firemen and policemen
who risk their lives again and again
to defend the lives, the property
and rights of folks like you and me.

Today they are under vicious attack
from folks unwilling to give any slack,
allowing the actions of very few
their opinion of all of them to spew
to the point that their actions here of late
incite the nation as a whole to hate.

Admittedly, in any group
a few “bad apples tend to spoil the soup.”
This is true in every region –
in business, medicine, even religion –
a very small number out of control
taint the view of the group as a whole.

The press and the President, before all facts are in
muddy the water with their personal spin
that often tends to pit race against race
and lead to hatred. It is a disgrace.

You and I should support our defenders,
allowing them to weed out offenders.
Just consider how life would be
were they not there to serve you and me.
A show of support is well past due.
© 2015, cbs

Agnosticism Is A Cop-Out

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Agnosticism is simply a copout,
unwillingness to say, without a doubt,
God exists or He does not –
to register either cold or hot.
Through John, Jesus said to Christians of old,
“I wish you were either hot or cold!”
And He said to Christians whose faith left some doubt,
“From my mouth, I will spew you out.”
If you do not believe His holy word;
even if you think it absurd,
examine the evidence that surrounds you,
and you’ll know He’s there and He cares for you.

A half-cell from mom, a half-cell from dad
unite in a one-cell lass or lad.
It divides to multiply – two, four, eight, sixteen
cells in which no difference can be seen.
But soon they begin to diversify –
to make hormones, enzymes, an arm, an eye.
This process has repeated again and again
‘til the earth contains more than 7 billion humans,
most with no known deformity.
Mere happenstance? Impossibility!
The double helix structure of your DNA
assures you’re unique in every way.

Macroscopically, you view the sun
around which the earth has made its run
each twenty-four hours for millions of years.
Without great design, things strip their gears.
This universe stretches beyond the horizon
of the strongest radar telescope made by anyone,
with unknown number of planets and galaxies
whose orbits intermingle with few calamities.
A double helix orbit in space has been reported
by NASA – the first they ever recorded.
The rare double helix in both tissue and space
shows intelligent design should be embraced.
© 2015, cbs

Looking from the balcony
at the frenetic seashore,
basking in the company
of my wife, whom I adore,
I view the frothy, onrushing waves
and wish, somehow, that power could be saved.

Where does all that power come from?
is the thought that runs through my questioning mind.
All power … on earth is given to the Son
is the scriptural answer my spirit soon finds.
This God who gives power to, as well as quiets the sea
is the God who gives peace and power to me.

Looking further out, I view the horizon –
the place where the sea seems to meet with the sky.
It draws like a magnet to focus my eyes on,
and I wonder what’s beyond, and see what passes by.
Then I look at life and its short foreview,
and I know life has its horizon, too.

Beyond the blue horizon lies
a beautiful day are words to a song
that predicts a life of blue skies
each day for our path as we travel along.
Though we pray for blue skies with all of our powers,
life’s filled with both sunshine and showers.

The seashore is known for sunshine and action,
but sometimes a violent storm will slip
across our path to reduce satisfaction
and bring great danger to humans and ships.
God has all power and He is in control.
At home or the seashore, it is well with my soul.
© 2015, cbs

“The only constant thing in life is change,”
someone has said. Things get re-arranged.
Change’s pace may be rapid; sometimes slow,
but given time, you will hardly know
that thing so familiar in your days of yore.
It will appear quite different than before.

I plowed a mule on a rented farm as a youth,
but cannot find the farm now for, forsooth,
buildings and concrete completely fill the site,
with frenzied action there both day and night.
Mixed emotions come with my report.
That farm is now a part of Atlanta’s airport.

And things are heavier than they used to be.
Those buckets I used to handle easily
now require a great big grunt and strain,
and bring a pledge to not do that thing again.
And can you tell me who added length to the mile?
To walk the new one takes me more than a while.

Also, my money won’t stretch as far as before.
The price of things is ,oh,so very much more.
For instance, I spent one night in a luxury hotel,
the amenities of which were as sorry as (I won’t tell),
and when I gave the bellboy a two dollar tip,
it cost what I made in a full year of internship.

So if you’re getting tired of life’s little games,
just stick around. Tomorrow won’t be the same..
© 2015, cbs