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October 4, 2016 — Leave a comment

There are some things we try quite hard to hide.
We think we bury them down deep inside
hoping they will never, ever show
and that no one else will ever know.

The problem with that kind of reasoning
is: that things have a way of surfacing
at the very worst time, when we want them hid.
Oops! Too late now to shut that lid!
Now the whole wide world will see and know,
and the gossip-mongers will make it grow.

The very best way to avoid a fate like that
is to set yourself down right “where you are at”
and, with a light that is bright and a mirror that is wide,
take a deep, discerning look at what is inside.
If you should find both selfishness and pride,
submit them to God ‘til you’re certain they both have died.

If you find hatred, anger or bitterness,
ask God to replace them with love, acceptance and kindness.
If slothfulness and evil thoughts are there,
implore our God His strength and mind to share.

At the same breath, look both near and far
to see the closed doors and those that stand ajar.
The Holy Spirit will lead you to the door
that God has called and is making you ready for.
You’ll win the victory if you follow the Spirit’s lead,
though Satan will tell you, you don’t have a chance to succeed.
Don’t be misled, God gave you abilities
and the world is full of great opportunities.
Your very first try may not gain the Holy Grail,
but you must try again each time you fail.

God did not promise us an easy life
that would be free of turmoil, toil and strife.
He gave the Holy Spirit to show us direction
and dwell in us and mold us toward perfection
as we seek His guidance in our lives through introspection.
© 2016, cbs

Memories of the blizzard of ninety-three
are permanently stored inside of me.
February was gone, and we thought it was nifty
as we watched the temperature soar beyond fifty.

Daffodils were everywhere
and so were blooms of the Bradford pear.
Gotta plant my garden now was many a man’s dream,
as each one came up with his personal scheme.

Talk of a huge storm came on TV,
and we down south prayed, “Lord, help those Yankees,”
never believing that all of that fuss
had one single thing to do with us.

On March the tenth, Gideons gathered in Macon
for the ninety-three annual state convention.
The Cherry Blossom Festival was due right away,
and the cherry blossoms were ready that day.

A panorama of pink and white
in every direction regaled my eyesight
while pleasant aromas invaded my nostrils,
as sight and smell were completely fulfilled.

March 12 brought a huge clap of thunder,
followed by wind that pushed things asunder
and caused flower petals to billow like snow
as they fell softly to the ground below.

Snow then started to cover the benches,
and did not cease ‘til its depth reached seven inches
and it had affected twenty-six of the states,
killing 318, its power was so great.

Needless to say, countless gardens were killed
and countless gardeners’ hopes unfulfilled
as their tender plants lay wilted and black,
with no hope they could ever come back.

This recounted story should say, “Gardeners, beware.
Conditions today resemble those back there.
Resist that plant it now temptation.
Another frost is almost certain.”
© 2016, cbs

“It feels so right, it can’t be wrong”
is simply Satan’s siren song
to tempt someone to walk the way
that may lead to great harm someday.

He paints a picture that is so bright,
it makes the vilest things seem right.
His flowery words are so persuasive,
it is hard to see he is being evasive.

Myriads of his victims give testimony
that his words and reasoning are phony,
and the very best way to gain release is
to cast him aside, and pick up the pieces.

Unnumbered homes have been shipwrecked
by his temptation to illicit sex.
How many preachers and politicians
have fallen, victim of this temptation?

The same can be said for illegal drugs,
sold on the street by heartless thugs.
In order to attain that vaunted high,
how many more people have to die?

Prescription narcotics have a prominent place
in doing great harm to the human race.
Unscrupulous doctors may write prescriptions,
or patients abuse drugs prescribed by physicians.

The ever-present alcohol
is root of quite a bit of folderol.
It’s accepted by most of society
to the limits of sobriety;
but when it often passes that point
a whole family can be thrown out of joint.

Satan is wily, that sly old deceiver.
If, of his lies, you become a believer,
you may become victim of things that annoy –
but following Christ will bring peace and joy.
© 2016, cbs

My Prayer for 2016

January 10, 2016 — Leave a comment

Dear Lord,
May I remember as I try to run the race,
that I am a sinner who has been saved by God’s grace.
May I not forget as I try to walk the line
to never judge those whose sins are just different from mine.

Help me to understand and to admit
that they have reason for calling me “hypocrite,”
for I am human and never shall be divine,
and there are blind spots in this life of mine.

May I be willing, while traveling down life’s road,
to help to lighten some other man’s heavy load
and help him to see that in him the Lord delights
and wants him to live with Him in Heaven’s heights.

Lord, help me not condone – yet not condemn –
the sinful ways my human eyes may see in him.
Give me the eyes to see – as You can see –
the possibilities of what he can be.

May I realize that, with all my imperfections,
my task on earth is to give good, clear directions
to Jesus Christ, the author of salvation,
to those who are bound in sin, and face damnation.

When I say, “Why me? I am far from perfect!”
He answers, “Each vessel I have is also imperfect,
but you have your own story that only you can tell,
and I can bring salvation through an imperfect vessel.”

And Lord, our government has (much to its shame)
tried to remove each vestige of Your Name
and Christian persecution has shown signs of inception.
May I still exalt the name of Jesus, Your Son.
© 2015, cbs

Welcome to 2016 CE

December 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

Welcome to 2016 CE.
Does that caption bother you as it once bothered me?
Of course, it’s a part of political correctness
which has brought our country to a point of weakness.
To be fair, this change is not from government.
Some Jews and academia are those that dissent.

In A.D. 525, a monk, Dionysius,
devised the present numbering system for us.
The old system stressed the martyring of Christians.
He desired to stress his Lord’s incarnation.
The years before Christ’s birth, he labeled BC,
and those that came after, as A.D. (Anno Domini).

Christians believe Christ created the earth,
and, therefore, existed before His earthly birth,
so Before Christ, or BC, is in error you see.
The designation, A.D., stands for Anno Domini
which, when translated, means the year of our Lord,
and is a term from Latin, a language long ignored.

Those who dissent from the present terminology
practice inserting the letters CE and BCE.
CE stands for Common Era and B for Before.
If we substitute Christian for Common, why argue more.
The term Christian era was used in the sixteenth century,
and describes this period of time accurately.

Christians have many battles they must fight
and, in our efforts for Him, our Lord delights.
Some fights have so little to be gained
and are not worth the effort nor the pain.
Let their CE stand for Common Era,
but make our Christian Era even clearer.

This problem now does not have much portent,
but rest assured that our government
will, trying to be politically correct,
adopt the CE in all its context..
So think of Christian era when you hear
my “Happy 2016 CE New Year!”
© 2015. cbs

Give Thanks Daily

November 24, 2015 — Leave a comment

There is not a possible way
we can, in a single day,
find the adequate words to say,
“Thank you, God, for your help in this foray.”

Life is a beautiful, complex thing.
Each day is an opportunity in the offing,
but it usually brings a new set of problems
along with His promise He will help solve them.

We should give thanks for the gift of life,
for our family – our husband or wife,
our children, our parents, the rest of our kin –
in this wonderful world He lets us live in.

We should thank Him daily for our health;
for what He gives us in the way of wealth;
for beautiful flowers, plants and trees
that are brought to fruition by tiny bees.

The list goes on almost endlessly
of things for which we should grateful be –
from the earliest dawn of history
to the day we live in presently.

But we should be most grateful today
that God has made for us a way
to live with Him eternally
when our time on earth has ceased to be.

God sent Jesus Christ, His son,
who took our sins – yes, every one –
and paid our price, though He was guiltless.
Now, we can face God’s judgment sinless.
© 2015, cbs

Be Still My Soul

November 8, 2015 — Leave a comment

Be still my soul, though all the world around you
seems teetering, and ready for a fall.
The arms of God still lovingly surround you,
and He is still the master of it all.

Though futile war and human devastation
seem now to be the order of the day,
our all -wise God controls our destination
and, in His time, will show us our way.

Be still my soul, our God can still be trusted
to bring our ship home safely through the gale.
Though, with this world, we have become disgusted,
He’ll bring us home to Heaven without fail.

His word is still a lamp unto our feet
and perfect road map to our new abode,
where we shall rest when our journey is complete,
and we lay down our heavy, earthly load.

Be still my soul, the best is yet to come –
when we shall see our Master face to face
and hear His wondrous words to us, “Well done!”
to those who know salvation by His grace.

This is no time to idly stand by
and watch, while men and women go to Hell.
The time is short. The days and hours fly.
The thing for us to do is go, and tell.

Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side.
Bear patiently thy cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
in every change, He faithful will remain
(C. von Schlegel, 1752)
© 2015, cbs

Breast Lumps

November 2, 2015 — Leave a comment

A lump in the breast may be cause for concern,
but no cause for panic as you try to learn
the exact nature of that small nodule.
If you wait long, you’re playing the fool.

The first place to go is your local physician,
remembering well that he’s no magician
with a magic wand to tell if it’s cancer.
He’ll order a mammogram to help with the answer.

The technologist will stretch out your breast
so thin that the sound waves may pass through it best.
Those waves leave a picture of light and dark shadows
that doctors interpret who are trained in those matters.

He may say your lump is a scar or a cyst
that should be checked later to see if it persists.
He may not be able to diagnose with certainty,
and suggest that you have a breast biopsy.

The breast biopsy is done by a surgeon
either suctioned through a needle or removed by excision.
The tissue removed goes to pathology
to determine, is there cancer or is it cancer free?

A cancer-free specimen ends the process,
but a cancer diagnosis means the process must progress.
Your disease is classified, stage I through stage IV –
from no spread evident to more, more, more.

A treatment plan is laid out by the oncologist and surgeon
that may include chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation
depending on the cancer’s stage at time of discovery.
The cancer’s stage when found is its prognosis key
for five year survival rates and becoming cancer free.
Stage I rate is 100%, stage II falls to ninety-three.
Stage IV falls to 22%. So early detection is key.
© 2015, cbs

It’s time we gave proper honor to
the guys once known as “the boys in blue” –
the vaunted firemen and policemen
who risk their lives again and again
to defend the lives, the property
and rights of folks like you and me.

Today they are under vicious attack
from folks unwilling to give any slack,
allowing the actions of very few
their opinion of all of them to spew
to the point that their actions here of late
incite the nation as a whole to hate.

Admittedly, in any group
a few “bad apples tend to spoil the soup.”
This is true in every region –
in business, medicine, even religion –
a very small number out of control
taint the view of the group as a whole.

The press and the President, before all facts are in
muddy the water with their personal spin
that often tends to pit race against race
and lead to hatred. It is a disgrace.

You and I should support our defenders,
allowing them to weed out offenders.
Just consider how life would be
were they not there to serve you and me.
A show of support is well past due.
© 2015, cbs

Agnosticism Is A Cop-Out

September 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

Agnosticism is simply a copout,
unwillingness to say, without a doubt,
God exists or He does not –
to register either cold or hot.
Through John, Jesus said to Christians of old,
“I wish you were either hot or cold!”
And He said to Christians whose faith left some doubt,
“From my mouth, I will spew you out.”
If you do not believe His holy word;
even if you think it absurd,
examine the evidence that surrounds you,
and you’ll know He’s there and He cares for you.

A half-cell from mom, a half-cell from dad
unite in a one-cell lass or lad.
It divides to multiply – two, four, eight, sixteen
cells in which no difference can be seen.
But soon they begin to diversify –
to make hormones, enzymes, an arm, an eye.
This process has repeated again and again
‘til the earth contains more than 7 billion humans,
most with no known deformity.
Mere happenstance? Impossibility!
The double helix structure of your DNA
assures you’re unique in every way.

Macroscopically, you view the sun
around which the earth has made its run
each twenty-four hours for millions of years.
Without great design, things strip their gears.
This universe stretches beyond the horizon
of the strongest radar telescope made by anyone,
with unknown number of planets and galaxies
whose orbits intermingle with few calamities.
A double helix orbit in space has been reported
by NASA – the first they ever recorded.
The rare double helix in both tissue and space
shows intelligent design should be embraced.
© 2015, cbs