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My Prayer for 2016

January 10, 2016 — Leave a comment

Dear Lord,
May I remember as I try to run the race,
that I am a sinner who has been saved by God’s grace.
May I not forget as I try to walk the line
to never judge those whose sins are just different from mine.

Help me to understand and to admit
that they have reason for calling me “hypocrite,”
for I am human and never shall be divine,
and there are blind spots in this life of mine.

May I be willing, while traveling down life’s road,
to help to lighten some other man’s heavy load
and help him to see that in him the Lord delights
and wants him to live with Him in Heaven’s heights.

Lord, help me not condone – yet not condemn –
the sinful ways my human eyes may see in him.
Give me the eyes to see – as You can see –
the possibilities of what he can be.

May I realize that, with all my imperfections,
my task on earth is to give good, clear directions
to Jesus Christ, the author of salvation,
to those who are bound in sin, and face damnation.

When I say, “Why me? I am far from perfect!”
He answers, “Each vessel I have is also imperfect,
but you have your own story that only you can tell,
and I can bring salvation through an imperfect vessel.”

And Lord, our government has (much to its shame)
tried to remove each vestige of Your Name
and Christian persecution has shown signs of inception.
May I still exalt the name of Jesus, Your Son.
© 2015, cbs

Booker T. Washington

December 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

Did Booker T. Washington have a crystal ball
a hundred years ago when he made this call?
“There is certain class of race problem solvers
who do not care if the patient recovers
because as long as the disease is persisting
they have… an easy way of making a living
and an easy medium with which to make
themselves prominent before the public.”

Booker T. Washington was born in slavery,
but Lincoln’s proclamation made him free.
From Virginia to West Virginia, the family moved
to reunite his mother with her true love,
a man named Washington Ferguson.
Needing a surname, Booker chose Washington
at age nine, when education was begun.

He worked in coal mines to fund his pursuit
of further education at Hampton Institute.
His clothes were so ragged, he was nearly not admitted,
but this young black man was exceptionally committed.
After Hampton came Washington, DC,
where he studied for six months at Wayland Seminary.

Appointed the first head of Tuskegee Institute,
he guided this teachers’ school from its roots
until the very day he died,
and made it a point of great black pride.
He sought black advance by education,
and not from physical confrontation.

Tuskegee University stands today
as tribute to the man who paved the way
for many black people to gain higher station
through the process of higher education.
Oh, that black leaders of modern time
would adhere to his statement, near sublime,
when he said, “I shall allow no man
to belittle my soul by making me hate him.”
© 2015, cbs

I still feel a sense of pride
and feel goose bumps on my hide
every time I stand and say,
I am from the USA.

It’s not to say that I agree
with every law that’s come to be.
I just know, not every land
can provide the freedom America can.

They try to dictate what we eat,
but we’re still free to fry our meat.
They might dictate our soft drinks’ size,
but we can still buy four or five.

They tax our homes, our food, our shoes,
but we have freedom then to use
them in what way we deem is best
and not be subject to arrest.

Yes, we have trashed the Constitution
and have become an institution
governed by feelings and emotions,
and not by “God and country” devotion.

Yet we’re free to worship as we please
and call America to her knees
to ask a loving God to forgive
the sinful way we corporately live.

I still feel a sense of pride
and feel goosebumps on my hide
every time I stand and say,
I am from the USA.
© 2015, cbs

For a man to receive every electoral vote
when running for president would be quite nice.
It should then be worthy for us to note;
Washington, alone, did this — and he did it twice.

It was not his great desire to serve
in any way for a government institution.
He wrote to a friend about his lack of nerve,
“My … feelings [are] not unlike [one] going to … his execution.

“So unwilling am I, in the evening of a life
nearly consumed in public cares [or duties]
to quit a peaceful abode (no mention of his wife)
for an ocean [full] of difficulties.”

He was really a farmer in his heart
and wished to stay at home to till the land.
He apparently thought he had done his part,
but gave in to an adoring public’s demand.

He spoke of “The arduous … task imposed on me
and my inability to perform it,”
and said “an honest zeal” his only promise would be,
and expressed the hope the people would not have regrets.

He took the oath of office on April’s last day
of 1789 and spoke that day to Congress.
Pennsylvania Senator, William Maclay
said Washington evidenced great signs of stress.

“This great man was agitated … more
than ever he was by the leveled cannon or … musket.
It must be supposed he had often read it before,
[but] he trembled and … could scarce make out to read [it].”

Thus began the first term of office for
the “father of our country,” George Washington.
The campaigns now are something to abhor.
It would be nice to go back where we started from.

[Typical of Congress, when they set Presidents’ Day (supposed to honor
Washington especially) as a three day weekend for federal workers, they
chose the third Monday which can never fall on February 22.]
© 2015, cbs

The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act,
much better known as “The G.I. Bill,”
had an immediate huge impact –
and, 70 years later, is impacting still.

The bill provided education,
loans for homes or farms and more,
with unemployment compensation.
It was signed in June of ’44.

Veterans made great use of the bill –
especially for homes and education.
Colleges and trade schools were overfilled
with about 8 million throughout the nation.

Unemployment funds went mostly unused –
only 20% of funds expended.
Federal coffers were greatly infused
as unemployment was virtually ended.

The bill was politically inspired
in effort to avoid a like confrontation
as when World War 1 vets, greatly ired,
marched on the capital of our nation.

FDR wanted to include
all poor people of that day,
but Congress treated that concept rude –
as socialism in the basest way.

Senator McFarland and Senator Nourse,
a Democrat and a Republican,
sponsored the bill and guided its course
until it became the law of the land.

The writer of this simple rhyme
is one whose life was greatly affected.
Without that help at that crucial time,
my life might have been otherwise directed.

One often overlooked GI bill fact
is that those who received an education
have paid a much higher income tax,
and thereby repaid our debt to the nation.

Congress has passed some stupid legislation,
running our debt plumb out of sight
and doing great harm to our nation
but, this time, I think they got it right.
© 2014, cbs

The sun on a horizon was painted on the chair back
of the president of the Constitutional Convention.
James Madison quoted Ben Franklin’s comment on that fact
when he said, “I have often in the course of this session …
… looked … behind the president without being able to tell
whether it was rising or (whether it was) setting,
but now, at length, I have the happiness to (foretell)
that it is a rising sun, and not a setting.”

The Declaration of Independence had been signed
almost 10 years before the Philadelphia Convention,
and every one of the colonies was far behind
in taxes needed to run the business of our nation.
Authorized only to revise the Articles of Confederation,
the Convention reached a quorum of seven on May 25th,
seventeen-eighty-seven, and decided that a new constitution
was needed if our country should continue to exist.
Rhode Island was the only colony to boycott
the convention, and therefore did not have a voice
in its deliberations. Also, it did not
ratify the agreement until there was no choice.

George Washington was selected as chairman unanimously
to guide the convention in all its intense deliberation,
knowing that the convention’s success or failure would be
critical to the stability of our great nation.
Debate was often intense, and tempers sometimes flared.
For nearly four full months of bitter give-and-take,
almost as hot as the searing heat, no one dared
to give up e’er a constitution they would make.
The document that came out of that great convention
has guided our country for more than two centuries –
through times of war and peace, prosperity and depression –
but now is being attacked by internal enemies.

How sad to see the Constitution ignored completely
by both our President and those in Senate halls
who claim the “document is flawed,” and evidently
wish to run their dark course until our country falls.
With a constitution, Franklin saw our sun as rising.
That document, however, our leaders are forgetting.
Then it should not be the slightest bit surprising
that the sun on our horizon appears to be setting.
© 2014, cbs

Witold Pilecki

October 19, 2014 — Leave a comment

Can you imagine a person so caring?
Can you imagine a person so daring?
Can you imagine a person so bold
as Polish Army Captain Pilecki, Witold.
Pilecki volunteered for a prison with “no exits
except through the chimney” — concentration camp Auschwitz.
For many years, his story was suppressed
because of the influence of communists.

No fatalist he. He had great cause to live –
a wife and two fine kids — but he wanted to give
the entire world a chance of a better future,
and of this Auschwitz, he was not quite sure.
He needed to be inside to investigate
before it would become, sadly, too late.

Born in Russia, May 13, 1901,
Witold Pilecki was a cherished son
in a family that was resettled forcibly
after Poland’s uprising in 1863.
His family returned to Poland in 1910
where Witold joined a unit for self-defense.

After Poland fell in the World War II blitz,
Pilecki became quite suspicious about Auschwitz.
In September, 1940, with false identity
as someone named Tomasz Serafinski,
he inserted himself among arrested “extremists”
who were bound for the concentration camp, Auschwitz.

Assigned the Auschwitz number, 4859,
Pilecki put an organization in line
of five-man teams working for rebellion.
Within a month, they smuggled information
(in German dirty laundry) to their headquarters station,
and asked for permission to foster a rebellion.

They warned of Hitler’s plan to exterminate all Jews –
but even their people did not believe that news.
The gas chambers were reported in 1941,
but no one believed them and, therefore, nothing was done.
The report was forwarded to the Allied commanders,
but they thought “pursue the war” was the proper answer.

In Spring, 1943, when the SS began
to arrest some of Pilecki’s top-level men,
he got the idea that nothing would ever be done,
that now was the time for him to “cut and run.”
That night, he ran away from his work at the bakery
with two other men, and they all made it to safety.

Unable to convince the Home Army or the Allies
to attack Auschwitz, since each of the groups surmised
the effort was futile and many lives would be lost,
Pilecki went underground where he could help most.
In the Warsaw Rebellion of 1944,
Pilecki again became a prisoner of war.

Freed by the Allies in July, 1945,
his Poland was now Russian occupied.
With Poland ruled by hated Communists,
he formed another group that he hoped could resist.
In May ’47, the Communist police
arrested him, and he would not be released.

For six months he was tortured with rare intermissions,
and finally forced to sign a false confession.
In a show trial, found guilty of crimes against the state,
Pilecki was executed in May, 1948.
“I found happiness … from the realization that this fight was worth it,”
Pilecki said as he stood to hear the verdict.
© 2014, cbs

Is Obama Stupid?

August 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

America was struck by arrows from Cupid,
and fell in love with a narcissistic man.
Now many say, “Obama is stupid
and has no semblance of a plan.”

Could it be this doltish clown
was put in that high place by God
to bring stiff-necked America down –
to be the Almighty’s correcting rod?

It would not be the first time that
God had used a “heathen king”
to crush a stiff-necked nation flat
and, in the end, repentance bring.

When Judah forgot her upbringing,
she was brought down by a man so crass
[Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon's king]
he got on his knees and he ate grass.

America was founded on
principles that are Judeo-Christian,
but more and more of those things are gone –
completely removed from our system.

The path down which America is driven
is the Marxist path of Saul Alinsky,
further defined by Cloward and Piven,
to bring a government to its knees.

You spend it into bankruptcy
with massive amounts of federal “aid.”
When she is broke as she can be,
the transformation can be made.

The question asked by this simple rhyme
is, are we past the point of no return?
Can we call on God another time
and another chance at freedom earn?
© 2014, cbs

My oh my, how time does fly.
This week contains the fourth of July.
Wasn’t it just yesterday
we celebrated New Year’s Day?

When I was a lad, “Time marches on”
at the start of a newsreel were the words shown.
It seems to me, the older one gets,
time quits marching and catches a jet.

Nevertheless, it is the time
to remember the words that are so sublime
of the founders of this great nation
when they signed their names on the Declaration.

“We pledge our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor,”
was their pledge as they placed their signatures under.
Some of them paid with their very lives –
some lost their children — some their wives.

Not one of these men went back on their pledge,
though many were pressed to the very edge
of hardships that a person can stand.
But they endured, and freed this land.

Oh for patriots like that today!
But most Americans are prone to say,
“Tell me what is in it for me,”
and never consider what’s good for the country.

John Kennedy’s words still ring true,
“Ask not what your country can do for you,”
then he added quite conversely,
“Ask what you can do for your country.”

This fourth of July as you celebrate,
think of what made this country great –
people who were willing to sacrifice,
to seek, and follow God’s advice.

And, between picnics and baseball games,
it would be nice if we all did the same –
go to our knees in solemn prayer.
Our country has problems only He can repair.
© 2014, cbs

Merry Christmas, A. C. L U.
I’m sorry you don’t have a clue
of the peace on earth, good will toward men
that Jesus Christ came to bring again.
You see, He created a perfect place
to be the home for the human race,
but man thought he knew a better way
and God and man drew apart that day.

For centuries they drifted apart,
but God always held man close to His heart,
and man traveled roads that were tough to be trod
trying to find his way back to God.
Eventually, God gave man the law,
but he had such an inherent flaw
he could not keep it perfectly,
so redemption by law was not to be.

But our loving God had another plan –
Embodied in flesh, He came down to man
to show an example of how we should live,
and then, on the cross, His own life to give
to pay for all sin — past, present and future –
and pave a way back to God that’s secure.
So man from God no longer must drift
if he will accept God’s wonderful gift.

I know you might argue, “God does not exist!.”
but evidence contrary is impossible to resist.
The massiveness of His creation,
and orderly orbit of every station,
each made of particles so infinitely small
that electron microscopes cannot view them all,
make it impossible to even romance
the thought this massive order is simply by chance.

Voltaire once said, “If God did not exist,
man would need to invent him.” Let me insist
He does exist, and proofs abound
in stars, in flowers, in all that surrounds.
Though you have denied Him, you’re still in His heart,
and His gift of life He wants to impart,
with peace in your heart that will never leave you.
Merry Christmas, A. C. L U.
© 2013, cbs